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Ambitious enough to grow

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Welcome to AVL Group

We are a Goa based construction company that provides a whole gamut of services to satisfy a home-owner’s every need.

About AVL

Our Origins

Ambitious Ventures Limited, simply known as AVL was founded in 1996 to do as the name claimed, strive to manage a successful business. From humble beginnings in the sphere of electronic spares to the more dynamic business of construction the name has also spurred a diversification into fabrication and the manufacture of concrete blocks.

The vision is ‘To service all home requirements under one roof.’

Our forte is the quality of work we provide on every project we undertake. We place great emphasis on communicating frequently with our clients to ensure that they are satisfied.

AVL provides services and solutions for various requirements, be it in construction, fabrication, material supplies and water proofing. To manage these entities in an organized manner affiliates were setup.


AVL is founded and managed by Mario V. Cordeiro. Mario’s teachers have been grit and determination and his best learnings have been through experience. It is said that to really know a business you should have knowledge of every facet of it. Mario takes it one step further, he has hands-on expertise of every aspect of his field of business.

Having been in the business for almost two decades, for him the motivation is still the same as ever - a happy customer and the chance to restore a heritage structure.

AVL Construction

We undertake civil and structural construction for residential and commercial projects. Our experience in the construction vertical encompasses creativity and flair with a rock steady foundation. Our body of work includes building houses and edifices of varying structural complexities, renovating heritage structures, remodelling old constructions and providing home maintenance solutions.

New Constructions

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We work with our clients throughout the process of building their homes. We start with understanding the requirements of space, time and budget to executing the blueprint right to the last detail.


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Goa is known for its heritage structures with its unique blend of Indo-Portuguese architecture. To preserve these beautiful houses with their intricate embellishments requires not just skilled labour but an in-depth understanding of its construction. In our many years in the construction vertical we have restored several traditional houses to their pristine state


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One of the most frequent requests we receive is to alter old houses. With changing times and lifestyles home-owners aspire to improve their homes. We offer custom solutions like remodelling kitchens and bathrooms as well as structural changes to roofs and exteriors. We also execute changes to floor plans like additions in the form of balconies, verandas and extensions.

Home Maintenance

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We understand that homes need care and upkeep but skilled labour can be hard to find. Hence we support home-owners with experienced hands to address electrical, plumbing, landscaping and masonry needs.

AVL Fabrication

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We design and fabricate everything from grates to roofs using high quality metal. We provide customised designs based on client requirements. Our portfolio covers grills for doors and windows, lattices, vent covers, trellises, grids, screens, gratings, pillars, fences, awnings, roof frames, gazebos, gates, etcetera.

AVL Transport and Building Supplies

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AVL provides construction material such as cement, sand, metal/crushed stones, laterite boulders and cement blocks delivered to the site of construction.

AVL Waterproofing

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We offer waterproofing services for vertical, horizontal and sunken surfaces using environment friendly material.

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